Soon we will list more resources…Beginning Good Friday 2019 we began to share as much “good, true and beautiful” as we can with you gratis. I know those who most need help, can sadly often afford it the least. As a committed Christian, regardless of your belief system, I desire to offer gifts that have been helpful to others.

May you be similarly encouraged in healing and growth. Some are general resources and some are specifically geared for spiritual support and other psycho-therapeutic sites that have been most helpful. When we dwell on the True, the Good and the Beautiful, our minds become transformed.

Current brain research well documents in the recent years the positive effective of meditative prayer and belief in a loving God in studies such as Andrew Newberg as well as researchers across the country including Baylor college of Medicine in Houston. Additionally we know if we feed ourselves healthy truth based positive reality about ourselves and those we desire to love (love is a choice, not feeling) we begin to see them differently, and ourselves as well. When we dwell on and do what feeds our souls, the world and our daily experiences begin to look and feel differently and we may find the energy and grace to make new choices.

Imago Relationship therapy : Help for improving relationships

Imago Dialogue explained briefly by its founder Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.:

Video explaining the Imago Dialogue with Ben Cohen:

The vital nature of Zero Negativity to transform relationships

Dr. Brene Brown links used by permission on empathy, blame and vulnerability:

One of the most important means of relational healing involves learning empathy-

A major shift occurs when we let go of criticism and blame

Connection improves with vulnerability

Efficacy of Integrated Medicine approaches:

Brain research on the effects of meditative prayer :

Food for the soul: For Christians and those curious to explore spiritual depth, connection and healing:

Engaging Presence a retreat during Lent from Trappist monks of Snowmass Abbey on youtube

A link supporting your continued meditative praying, one among many good introductions to the Jesus Prayer for beginners:

from the feb 2, 2020

Link to written homilies by date by Trappist monks of Abbey of the Genesee

Daily meditations presented by Leonardo Defilippis on Reflections from Pope Emeritus Benedict (used with special permission from St. Luke productions)

Daily liturgy of the hours, free Christian prayer throughout the day, free after creating login-